Since the start of the pandemic, the staff at Kalimera has been closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak. In response, we have implemented changes to our processes to prevent the spread. We have also implemented policy changes to help our customers navigate through this crisis.

Changes to Work Processes

  • Supplying employees with masks and gloves and are requiring them when interacting with both customers and other employees.
  • Supplying hand sanitizers and are advised to use them before and after each and every delivery.
  • Putting a pause on handshakes. We'll do fist bumps though. If you only know handshakes, we advise learning how to fist-bump.
  • Doing daily temperature checks in the morning to ensure the safety and health of all associates.
  • Briefing all employees about the CDC guidlines and WHO recommendations such as proper handwashing techniques and safe use of PPE.
  • Requiring any employees with flu-like symptoms (or anything close to it) to stay home and seek medical attention as necessary.
  • Requiring anyone who can work from home are working from home until further notice in order to limit the number of employees at our facility.
  • Limiting cash transactions. Customers are advised to pay with a check or credit card.
  • Communicating with vendors via Zoom, Skype, email, or phone calls. Vendors are not allowed on premises.
  • Cancelling all company social events until further notice.

We are playing this by ear - day by day. As the sitation evolves, so will our policies. We wish everyone - customers, vendors, our employees - good health. We are New York Strong - we will get through this and we will make it out stronger than ever. Thank you for being part of the Kalimera family.